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Lions & Tigers and Bears… Oh My!

Yes, our wedding license is in there. Ok. So maybe that was dramatic.

We’ve been pretty busy over the Holiday season. First and foremost, we obtained our marriage license. Yes, folks that happened. So now we’re official. Just the clergyperson’s signature and we’re officially married. So that’s pretty exciting.

Next, we finished, ordered and received back our wedding invitations. We decided on a very cool design – a Boarding Pass, (since we are getting married on a boat and all). It’s going to be tight, since our date is only a month and a half away. (Nail biting time)

Because of the limitations of the space available on the ship, we will only be able to include close family and a few key friends, (like the best man, etc.). This is bad news for all of our friends that we want to include in the event, but the good news is that through this site we will share as much of the video and photo stuff that we can. And I’m sure the honeymoon will be fully documented through photos for the four days we’ll be sailing.

So… Close family keep your eyes out for your invitation to arrive within the next couple of days, and to all of you that have been supporting us please check back to this site often!